Amaro Electronics founded in 1991. Before starting work in the security industry.

Over 25 years ago we had a vision - to create the business of hiring of security in the world. What motivated us was the excitement of shaping an organization that excels in all levels. That we still drive. 

The expansion of our company in Lima Peru in the last 9 years been successful based on our constant effort and dedication and we are back in Australia again to provide our services. 

I like to thank all our customers for their support and opportunity.


Amaro Electronics has forged a reputation based on innovation, quality, resourcefulness, experience, and flexibility all of which make it an industry leader. AE Security is characterized by skilled, expertise and management knowledge, on the security electronics.

When you select Amaro Electronics you are ensuring that your business will enjoy the highest possible degree of professional security. Amaro Electronics ’s management team consists of hands-on leaders who will work directly with you in planning and implement your organization’s security and contingency planning needs. 


Protect your assets, your actions, your staff, your customers and yourself. We know that commercial CCTV security systems have been shown to create a safer business environment for NSW businesses. And that's great news for people who work at your company and great news for your customers too. Give your workplace or home the long list of benefits that come with high-quality cameras:

  • Early detection of crimes

  • Track Intruders

  • Control shoplifting

  • Improve customer service

  • Quality control for factories and laboratories

  • Detect and monitor vandalism

  • Helping health and safety at work

  • Control and stock monitoring

  • Monitor traffic while away from site

  • Review incidents and accidents in the workplace.​